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Living With Structures

The debate over land ownership and structures has become ubiquitous in the current political climate. It is an enormous subject and this evolving body of work considers a small part of the physical, societal and political structures that form part of these debates on three continents. I shot the photographs for this body of work in Argentina, England, Scotland, South Africa and Spain.

At first glance the works can seem quite disparate but I find a commonality in the physical and power structures that surround them. I am interested that, although we believe they are only evident in our own space, the themes of power, influence, ownership, entitlement, dispossession and foreign occupancy are a constant.  

As in my empty spaces body of work many of the structures I have included here reflect a different message and purpose than originally intended when first established. This interpretation and current purpose will change as the spaces develop over time. 

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